Thursday, September 11, 2014

US Notes 9/11/14

¨1587 Colony

¨Raleigh was not deterred by the failure of Lane’s Colony

¨This time he would send a civilian colony

¨Raleigh thought the “planters” would work harder and make a success of a colony if they were providing for their families’ each settler was promised 500 acres

¨John White, painter, was appointed Governor

¨110 settlers, including 17 women and 9 children

¨They were directed to stop in the West Indies to buy livestock; stop at Roanoke Island to pick up Grenville’s me and then to proceed to Chesapeake Bay, which had been scouted by White during the winter of 1585/86

¨Arrived at Roanoke 22 July 1587; found only a skeleton of one of Drake’s men; grass had overgrown the fort, houses in need of repair

¨Simon Fernandez, the pilot – refused to transport the colony any further; White argued but failed to change his mind

¨The colony was now stranded on Roanoke Island and not in the location Raleigh would send the relief supply ships

¨Despite the discouraged events;

A)Manteo was baptized and given the title “Lord of Roanoke”

B)18 August 1587 – Virginia Dare was the first English child born in the New World

C)Mistress Harvie was delivered of a child later

¨Problems of the 1587 Colony:

¨A) George Howe was slain by Natives; they had not forgotten Lane nor his men

¨B) Arrived too late to start crops and supplies were running low

¨C) They were in the wrong location; if the relief ships made is to Chesapeake Bay and did not find the colony; then, it would be assumed they had been lost at sea

¨Baptism of Virginia Dare

¨Planters met with White and persuaded him to return to England to find Raleigh and explain the situation the colony was in

¨27 August 1587 – White left Roanoke; The understanding between White and the planters that they would made ready to remove deeper into the interior and towards Chesapeake (especially should the Natives or Spanish attack)

¨They were to leave the name of the place they had gone should they leave before White‘s return; a cross carved above would represent danger

¨White reached England in November, 1587 and found great excitement as England prepared for war with Spain

¨July, 1588 – English forces met an defeated the Spanish Armada made up of 130 ships, 2500 guns, 30,000 men, 180 friars and priests

¨Spring 1588 – Raleigh outfitted relief ships, but all ships were impressed for service by the Queen

¨April, 1589 – White tried to sail again but was forced to return to England by French pirates

¨Spanish Armada being defeated

¨August, 1590– White finally arrived back at Roanoke Island after 3 years

¨Houses were taken down, high palisade of trees around the fort, not there when White left; fort in shambles showing no one had been there in quite a while

¨CRO was found one location and CROATOAN on another, with no cross, which gave White hope of finding the colony

¨White’s Return 1590

¨Storms blew up that night and the captain returned to England

¨White retired to Ireland

¨Raleigh lost interest in colonization and eventually lost his head by orders of James I

¨The 1587 Colony became known as the Lost Colony

¨Accomplishments of Roanoke Voyages

¨Introduced the New World to England through the writings of Harriot and drawings of White

¨Proved that Spanish hold on the New World was breakable

¨Became the foundation for the successful settlement of Jamestown, Virginia in 1607

¨What happened to the Lost Colony?

¨Indians attacked and destroyed them once White had left

¨Spanish attacked and destroyed them once White had left

¨Separation – a group of unmarried men went to Croatoan to await White’s return while the majority of the Colony went towards Chesapeake Bay; Powhatan may have had the colonists killed in 1607 as per conversations between him and John Smith

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