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HWH 9-22-14

Honors World History

Section 5 Assessment, p. 142

1)     Key Terms

2)   How did Alexander the Great expand his empire and spread Greek culture throughout the realm?

Alexander inherited Greece, conquered parts of Asia and North Africa, and founded numerous cities in which Greeks settled.  He encouraged assimilation.  In time, the cultures blended, creating a new Hellenistic culture.

3)   What was the extent of Alexander’s vast empire and how did he acquire it?

His empire stretched from Greece to India and North Africa.  He inherited Greece and conquered the rest of the empire.

4)   How did Alexander’s conquests lead to a new civilization?

Alexander’s conquests brought Greek culture to Asia and North Africa.  The Greeks blended their culture with local cultures.

5)    What new ideas did the Stoics introduce?

The Stoics preached nigh moral standards, including the moral equality of slaves and women.  They taught people to calmly accept life and avoid desires.

6)   Why do you think the Hippocratic Oath is considered a medical advance?

Setting ethical standards is an important step in the advancement of any field.


Focus Questions

30)    What do you think helped make Alexandria the greatest of Hellenistic capitals?

The city’s strategic location and resources, inspired leadership, or cultural mix may all have been factors.

31)    Who was Archimedes and what did he do?

Archimedes was scientist who applied principles of physics to inventions such as levers and pulleys.

32)    What factors might have encouraged the tremendous growth in the arts and sciences during the Hellenistic period?

The Hellenistic blending of cultures allowed thinkers to build on the knowledge of a variety of peoples, rather than continue to work based solely on their own more limited intellectual heritage.

33)    How would you describe the character portrayed by each mask on pg. 143?

The lion figure may represent a god because of its regal quality while the bearded mask may represent a foolish king.


1)       Alexander the Great – conquered the known world; spread Greek culture to the known world; died and 4 generals divided his empire among themselves; used Babylon as his capital

2)      Philip II – father of Alexander the Great; conquered Greece; assassinated

3)      Assassination – murder of a public figure, usually for political reasons

4)      Assimilate – absorb or adopt another culture

5)      Alexandria – 16 cities founded and named this by Alexander; most famous being the one in Egypt; lighthouse and library

6)      Pythagoras – developed the formula for the relationship among the sides of a right triangle known as the Pythagorean Theorem

7)      Heliocentric – based on the belief that the sun is the center of the universe

8)      Archimedes – mastered the lever and pulley

9)      Hippocrates - developed a code of ethics for medical practitioners


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