Monday, September 29, 2014

HWH Unit 5 Focus Questions

Honors World History

The Early Middle Ages

Focus Questions


1)      Why was this period in Europe once called the Dark Ages?

2)      How did the culture of the Germans differ from that of the Romans?

3)      How much of Europe did Charlemagne control?

4)      How did Charlemagne enlarge his kingdom?

5)      How did he spread Christianity?

6)      How did this help unify his realm?

7)      Why did Charlemagne support education?

8)      What might be the effect on a country of Viking invasions?

9)      How did Charlemagne’s empire split

10)  What invasions threatened these kingdoms?

11)  How was the collapse of Charlemagne’s empire similar to the collapse of the Roman Empire?

12)  What obligations did a vassal have to his lord?

13)  What obligations did a lord have to his vassals?

14)  Why were castles also important to medieval warfare?

15)  How did noblewomen contribute to this warrior society?

16)  Explain how Eleanor of Aquitaine’s life as a noble woman was different from that of a peasant.

17)  What did peasants do for lords?

18)  What did lords do for the peasants?

19)  Why do you think peasants died so young?

20)  How was the Church involved in each event of a person’s life?

21)  How do you think Church teachings about women influenced people’s daily lives?

22)  Why were even poor people willing to pay their tithes?

23)  Even though monks and nuns had withdrawn from society, what contributions did they make to the general welfare?

24)  What role did monks and nuns play in preserving ancient culture?

25)  What advantages did convents provide for women?

26)  What gave the Church political and economic power?

27)  What gave the Church spiritual authority and how did that lead to political power?

28)  What major problem stemmed from the Church’s success?

29)  How were Jews treated in Muslim Spain?

30)  Why did persecution of Jews increase in the late 1000s?

31)  Where did Jews migrate in response to this persecution?

32)  How did the new plow and harness lead to increased farm production?

33)  What methods were used to increase production?

34)  Why would improve farming lead to population growth?

35)  What advantage did a charter give townspeople over people who lived in villages attached to manors?

36)  What changes spurred travel towards the end of the Early Middle Ages?

37)  How did partnerships, insurance, credit, and bills of exchange lessen the risk for the merchant or businessperson doing business?

38)  How did the changes mentioned above lead to changes in society?

39)  How did guilds affect the growth and increased political power of towns?

40)  Why were towns good for trade?

41)  How might the growth of towns begin to change medieval life?

42)  Who wrote The Canterbury Tales?



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