Tuesday, September 16, 2014

HWH Unit 3 Focus Questions

Honors World

Ancient Greece, Unit 3

Focus Questions


1)      Where and when did each civilization flourish?

A)    Minoan

B)    Mycenaean

2)     Why might these two civilizations be important to study of Ancient Greece?

3)     What were the topics of the Iliad and the Odyssey and who wrote them?

4)     What might people today learn about the ancient Greeks form these epic poems?

5)     What effect did the mountains and water have on Greek city-states?

6)     Who governed Sparta and what responsibilities did citizens have?

7)     What do you think daily life in military Sparta was like?

8)    What reforms did Solon make to the aristocracy of Athens?

9)     Why is the democracy of ancient Athens considered a “limited” one?

10) Whom did the Greeks worship and how did they practice their religion?

11)  What might be some of the advantages and disadvantages of a society that feels superior to others?

12) What were the things that unified the Greeks?

13) What led to the conflict between Persia and the Greeks?

14) Why might some Greek city-states have wanted to withdraw from the Delian League?

15)  What responsibilities did citizens of Athens have?

16) Which do you think had more impact on the cultural prosperity of Athens: democracy or material wealth?

17)  Why were Greeks in conflict after winning the Persian Wars?

18) What was the outcome of the war between Athens and Sparta?

19) What did Pericles mean when he said that Athens “is an education to Greece”?

20)                        How did Pericles view public life?

21) Who was Socrates and what did he do?

22)What was Plato’s ideal form of government and why wasn’t it democracy?

23)What is the Parthenon?

24)Why do you think the Greeks began to make sculptures that were lifelike?

25) Where were Greek plays performed?

26)What quality of thought did Sophocles share with Socrates?

27) Who was Herodotus?

28)                        Why do you think avoiding bias in history was important to both Herodotus and Thucydides?

29)What factors shaped Hellenistic civilization?

30)                        What do you think helped make Alexandria the greatest of Hellenistic capitals?

31) Who was Archimedes and what did he do?

32)What factors might have encouraged the tremendous growth in the arts and sciences during the Hellenistic period?

33) How would you describe the character portrayed by each mask on pg. 143?

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