Friday, September 5, 2014

HWH Timeline History Project Info Sheet

Honors World History
Semester Project
Timeline Notebook
  • 80-100 page composition type notebook, either bound or spiral bound
  • Color pencils or fine Sharpie markers
  • Ruler
  • Unlined paper or unlined index cards
  • Glue stick
Over the course of our “march through civilization” we will create an annotated timeline showing when major civilizations and events took place.  This will aid in our comparison of civilizations and hopefully lead to a better understanding of where we are in history and give us a better grasp of periodization/chronology.
I will establish the perimeters of time for each double page spread and give a list of required events.  You will have the opportunity to add to this list based on your own interests.  Of the events I list you will be required to annotate a certain number of them…which you chose will be your choice; and of course, you may annotate more than what is required.
What does it mean to annotate?  Simply summarize the importance/significance of the event and its impact on history/civilization/or the society in which it occurred.
You may add pictures, hand drawn or clip art, to enhance your timeline.  Many of you are visual learners so this will help you remember the events as well as “jazz up” your timeline.
Timelines will be collected twice each nine weeks and will count as a test grade.
Refer to the back of this sheet for the rubric that will be used in grading your timeline notebook.  Remember if you do the basic requirements you will only get a C; going above and beyond will earn you the B or A.

Turn in Dates:

October 3, 2014                                Timeline Project 1

October 29, 2014                              Timeline Project 2

December 5, 2014                            Timeline Project 3

January 15, 2014                               Timeline Project 4

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