Wednesday, October 1, 2014

HUS I and US I Unit 3, Study Review Questions #1

1) Explain why the colonists objected to the Proclamation of 1763:
2) Explain this statement:  The colonists firmly believed that the Stamp Act of 1765 violated one of their important rights as Englishmen.  Describe the ways in which the colonists showed their opposition to the Stamp Act with details.  Which method used by the colonists in opposing the Stamp Act prove most effective and why?
3) Why did many Britishers favor the repeal of the Stamp Act?

1) George III
2) Sugar Act
3) Quartering Act
4) Proclamation Act
5) Indirect taxes
6) Direct taxes
7) Nonimportation Agreement
8) Sons of Liberty
9) Declaratory Act
10) Grenville
11) Patrick Henry
12) Caesar and Brutus Speech
13) 1765

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